Provardis extends your options for support and development of your Progress / OpenEdge software or Progress database application

"Premier consultancy with excellent customer service, specialists in Progress application and web enablement technology"

You may be a large enterprise, a medium size organisation or a regional business running one or more software system based on the Progress relational database, OpenEdge or earlier 4GL version from Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS). You may have a manufacturing application, a retailing system, a billing system or perhaps another specialist system which supports part of your business operation.

Some reasons why you may need a new Progress application support or development option

Perhaps your original or current support option has become unattractive.
Does it now eat up too much of your IT budget ? You could get better value using our services and get excellent quality at the same time. Better use of budget, better performing business.
Is the quality of support or customer service lacking where you need it to be ? Do you feel your organisation is trapped and you need a way to move forward to a much better deal ? We provide high technical competence, great attention to detail, and excellent customer service. Whether you use us as a primary source or for a second opinion, you can be liberated and able to get the best deal for your business. More options for you, better control for your business.

Maybe your system is broken and needs fixing, or you need to extract some information as you convert to a replacement system. We can diagnose and resolve all problems or get key data out so your people will be happier and can do their jobs better.

Do you need some extra functions adding on, so your people can be freed up to be more productive ? Provardis can work with your existing system to add new developments.

We are ready to help you solve all of these issues. We have many years of experience and can support all Progress versions (including the very old ones).

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